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Rank Higher On Google As A Local Contractor & Get More Leads

Who Do We Do Marketing For?

We help local contractors, (such as landscapers, excavation companies, tree services, lawn care companies, concrete contractors, general contractors, painting companies, roofing companies, etc.)  build incredible websites that not only look great, but actually help get organic leads.  We do this through keyword research, SEO optimization, content creation & page building.

Creating a website without SEO & keyword research is like buying a new skid steer & not putting fuel in it.  We don't stop at a great looking web page; We work each day to make sure your site is ranking for important services, in your local community, and ultimately getting quality leads for your company.  

What sets us apart from every other marketing company in your email spam?


We don't make websites for restaurants, dentists, or nails salons.  We ONLY do websites for local contractors looking to grow their company's online presence & climb the local Google Business listings.  

Ranking high on Google is KING.  There are no short-cuts.  We've done it all for local contractors; Facebook ads, Google ads, social media.  Are these bad things? Of course not.  But they don't compare to the long-term play of ranking #1 on Google Business listings in your hometown.  We believe this is the best way to receive consistent leads without spending money on ads.  

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Why shouldn't I market my company myself?

Well, Forged Branding will be the first company to say that if you want to market your company yourself, go right ahead.  However, the thousands of hours spent learning SEO, web design, & coding may not be worth your time.  We hope that working with a company like Forged Branding would not only save you time, but also be one of the greatest investments you'll ever make for your company.

Marketing is about ROI.  Anyone who tells you differently likely doesn't have your best interest in mind.  Margins for local contractors aren't easy to manage! After labor costs, material, insurance, fuel, & equipment payments, it can feel like you're living by the skin of your teeth!  That's why it's so important that every dollar spent is ultimately working for you in the end.  We've created a process that is a long-term solution for ranking better on Google.  This process includes building your company an SEO optimized website, managing it, optimizing your Google Business listing, and posting on it consistently.  We market for contractors who plan on sticking around for the next 10-50 years.  The only way to win long-term is by marketing online & consistently.  If you haven't started yet, time is ticking.

If you're interested in ranking your company higher on Google, let's start now.



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